Monday, January 13, 2014

All that.

The other day, I had class on the O&G subject. I bet by now, you guys already figured out what the alphabets stand for. Anyway, I was feeling so sleepy at that time ( 2pm), and it was a such time consuming class before that already, I even had the imaginations of myself on the comfy bed.

 Little did I know, later Dr. Alaa came to the rescue. It was a very nice class, with a very nice speed, not too draggy or too fast furious. He explained to us maternal physiological changes during pregnancy from all aspects ; endocrinology,genital tracts, breast, skin, respiration system, urinary system etc. And my, I dare tell you we, women SUFFER a lot! And just when the thought slipped through my mind ;

"Don't worry, you will get your beautifulness, after the pregnancy," - Dr. Alaa

"With all that sorts of stretch marks whatsoever, I tell you we need extra works to be done!," - my cautious mind. 

Nevertheless, what I'm saying doesn't matter. Because boy, when you see your own kind in front of you, the feelings are just indescribable. Who would've thought that you carry that little thing in your body for nine months, and you survived. A product of your own, that little thing would have things similar to you : your eyes, lips, or perhaps your dimples! 

And all that define love.

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